Make your corporate event swing!

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Make your corporate event swing!  What better way to break the awkward ice than to provide your guests with some live music? Something to look at, something to listen to and something to talk about; it's a foolproof plan. Gentlemanly charm, jazz standards that everyone will recognise and high quality professionalism thanks to [...]

Invite Fat Sam to be your special guest…

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A highly polished jazz based showband and a serious interpreter of mainstream jazz, Fat Sams Band can provide an exciting and suitably structured performance for all kinds of event: weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions, dances, cabarets and festivals. Highly energetic and full of life, Fat Sams' enormous breadth of repertoire, allied to highly-professional production, appearance [...]

Meet the Fellas

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Meet the Fellas! Fat Sams Band was formed in 1984 by Hamish McGregor and went “live” on Valentine’s Day, 1985. Famous for his white clarinet and gentlemanly charm, Hamish has been on the professional music scene for almost fifty years. Over this time he has lead bands ranging in style from Motown and Soul to [...]

The Edinburgh Evening News reports on Scotland’s favourite Swing Band

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"…Scotland's premier jump-jive, boogie, dance, blues and R and B swing band…This outfit could play anywhere in the world and show quite graphically that they are as good as anyone. Under the leadership of clarinettist Hamish McGregor, Fat Sams…has more bounce than a basketball team, more swing than your average bucket and more exuberance than [...]

New Website Launch for Fat Sams Band…

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At last! A new website for Fat Sams Band! When you’ve been in the profession for almost fifty years, it’s hard to keep up with modern technology! So we’re very grateful to the guys at Freak Music who have helped polish up our image and design a brand new website. We’ll be providing you with [...]

Testimonials and Endorsements from Around the Globe

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We've made many friends around the globe since our formation in 1984 and a lot of people have written some very lovely things! Here are some of our favourites: 'THE BEST OF JAZZ', BBC Radio 2, Humphrey Lyttelton "I do recall enjoying at The Edinburgh Jazz Festival one of the sessions played by a very [...]